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Warm Bodies (movie)

After a lot of postponing, finally we already watched a movie.

So yesterday (Feb. 9, 2013) we went to see a movie. The movie we chose to watch is the movie Warm Bodies.

So worth it. I don’t know why they’re comparing it to the Twilight series but for me, they’re far different from each other.

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My epic fail water marble

So last time I already tried doing a water marble nail art. It was my first time so I got too excited that I used 5 colors (because I can’t decide on what colors to use so why not just all). Apparently it turned out quite epic. It does not really have a unified swirl. Others have this big glob of color so I have to try it again. Basically it took me an hour to finish this but I enjoyed it. Need still to practice though.

Here’s a picture of my nails 😝


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A College Bestfriend’s Birthday

After months, I’m back at blogging. Anyways this is a very late blog post but well I still want to post it.

So the 1st day of February was a special friend’s birthday. It’s my college BFF turning 18. But I can’t spend it with her because we’re a thousand miles away from each other and I have school, so I can’t visit her.

So I just sent her a gift through mail.

It was basically a scrapbook of all the messages of our friends to her. Well she has a lot of friends here so I thought why not let them write a message for her and I’ll just compile it.

Then I just place it in a box then sent it.

She got it exactly the day of her birthday which was awesome. She called me and not really said thank you at first but she said “I HATE YOU” 10x before finally saying thank you. Which was ok because I expected that reaction anyway. Hahaha.

She was crying not because she’s surprise (because apparently a friend of ours kind of spoiled it to her) but because she did not expect what’s inside. She was touch of all the messages our friends wrote for her.

Happy birthday (belated) to you Jennifer Vicmudo ❤❤


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